Bidding Instructions

As DVLA's Official Auctioneers, we hold Timed Online auctions which run for 7 days, bids are placed online for the duration of the auction.

Important Points

You will be liable for all bids made using your bidder details. It is your responsibility to keep your login details secure and log out when not bidding.

You cannot use a registration number to make a vehicle look younger than it is.

Warning: It is an offence to alter, re-arrange or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximum fine of £1,000 and the registration can be withdrawn without compensation.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Ensure you understand the Auctioneers’ Terms and Conditions of Sale and the DVLA Sale of Registrations Marks Regulations.

Register as a bidder

  • Click Here for a video tutorial on how to register
  • Click Register/Login
  • Complete your details and click 'Submit'
  • An email verification will be sent. If this doesn’t appear, please check your spam folder
  • Click the verification link in the email and complete the registration process following the prompts on screen

What will it cost?

The calculator below shows how the winning bid relates to the final amount you will have to pay. It is important to set yourself an affordable limit before you bid and to be aware of the additional costs. The winning bid is subject to VAT, 7% auctioneer's buyer's premium (plus VAT) and the £80 assignment fee.

Total Cost Calculator

Winning bid
VAT on winning bid @ 20%
Buyer's Premium @ 7%
VAT on buyer's premium @ 20%
DVLA Assignment Fee 80.00
Total to pay

To view a short video explaining how to bid, please click here

Submitting bids and bid deadlines

Go to ‘Next Auction’ and follow the instructions. You can add the registration to 'My Bids and Watchlist’ and tick to receive a text when the auction starts, you can then place bids once the auction is underway and for the duration of the auction.

You can increase your bid up until the end time (as shown next to the registration). Once placed, bids cannot be cancelled.

  • Bids can only be placed while the auction is in progress
  • No bids can be accepted by any means before or after this time

Maximum bids

Bidders have the option to submit maximum bids which are invisible to other bidders. If there is competitive bidding on a lot, the auction system will automatically increase bids on behalf of bidders in £10 increments. Once a bidder’s maximum bid has been reached, the system will cease bidding. The current winning bid for each lot is always on view on the website.

When maximum bids are matched, the bidding system will accept both, but only the bid received first will show as currently winning the registration. The opposing bidder will receive an immediate on screen outbid notification and email and text (if requested) confirming their outbid status. A higher bid can be placed if they so wish.

Sliding end times

This is to prevent auction sniping or the practice of rival bidders outbidding each other with just seconds to go before the lots end time.

Every lot has a published end time shown on the website.

For lots on which any bidding activity takes place in the last 30 minutes the end time will slide by a further 30 minutes and will continue to do so if further bidding takes place. This is to give all bidders a fair chance to bid again, should they wish to.

What happens if you are outbid?

You will be able to see online the status of all the lots in My Bids and Watchlist. If your maximum bid has been exceeded by another bidder, you will be sent a text or email (depending on your notification preference). You may then be able to increase your maximum bid before the end time.

Spending limit

To view a short video explaining how to manage your spending limit, please click here

Once registered, each bidder is automatically given a £1,000 spending limit. To increase this, go to 'Spending Limit' within your account and follow further instructions. A 10% deposit of your increased spending limit will be required. Please be aware, this does not mean the system will bid up to your increased amount, it simply allows you to spend that amount on however many lots you intend to bid on. You still need to place your bid.

If you are unsuccessful, we will return your given deposit automatically following the conclusion of the auction. Depending on your card provider, this can take up to 3 working days to show back in your account.

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