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Request A Registration To Be Included In A Future Auction

Please click on the below link and select 'Personalised registration numbers', then select 'Any other personalised number enquiry' and finally select 'Checking the availability of a personalised registration not found on the website'.

What Will It Cost?

The calculator below shows how the sale price relates to the final amount you will have to pay. It is important to set yourself an affordable limit before you bid and to be aware of the additional costs. When doing this please bear in mind that the hammer price is subject to VAT, the auctioneer’s buyer’s premium 7% (+ VAT) together with the £80 assignment fee.

Total Cost Calculator

Winning bid
VAT on winning bid @ 20%
Buyer's Premium @ 7%
VAT on buyer's premium @ 20%
DVLA Assignment Fee 80.00
Total to pay

Successful Bidders

You will be informed by email (please check junk folder) shortly after the lot end time has been reached or you can check in the “My Purchases & Invoices” section.


  • If you are successful, you will be able to allocate your deposit against your invoice
  • If you are unsuccessful, we will refund the deposit automatically after the conclusion of the auction. This can take up to 3 days to show back on your account.


Payment may be made by internet banking or by credit or debit card.

  • Payment in full must be made within 5 working days of the auction to include Buyers Premium 7% VAT and £80 Assignment Fee
  • We cannot accept card payments over the phone
  • We do not accept American Express
  • We cannot accept CASH or CHEQUE payments

Electronic Funds Transfer & Internet Banking

Please include the registration number and a lot number as reference. If a deposit has been made you will need to pay the invoice total and we will automatically refund the deposit onto your card. This may take 3 days to show on your account.

Debit / Credit Card - except AMEX

Pay online in ‘My Purchases and Invoices’ section of your account.

Previous Auction Prices

DVLA publishes all the prices for all the registrations sold at auction since 1989. Please note these are the hammer prices only and do not include Buyers' Premium or VAT. You may also need to factor in inflation as some of these prices go back over 30 years.

Results From The Current Auction

The final prices for all lots will be visible online at the end of the auction and are available to be downloaded.

Buying A Personalised Registration As A Gift Or On Behalf Of Someone Else?

If you are buying for, or on behalf on another person you can add their name as a nominee. This can be done when paying online, alternatively when the V750 is received by post. There are instructions on the reverse to help you. There is no cost involved, the registration can then be assigned to a vehicle straight away.

Assigning A Registration

All registrations purchased in a DVLA Auction are supplied on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement and the assignment fee is included in the final purchase price (see ‘What Will It Cost?). There is no further charge for DVLA to assign that registration to a vehicle registered in the name of either the Purchaser or the Nominee (if specified).

V750 (Certificate Of Entitlement) Not Received

In order that the DVLA can then re-issue, please follow the link below:

Selling A Registration

If you want to sell your registration, we suggest you approach a private dealer or advertise the registration for sale yourself. DVLA’s sales scheme is confined to selling its own previously unissued registrations. We do not endorse or recommend any particular individual or company.

Timed Online Auction

Starting Prices

These are the minimum prices at which Lots will be sold. All registrations have a starting price (plus charges). Please note that these do not include the additional charges of VAT, buyer’s premium (+ VAT) and assignment fee.

Submitting Bids

  • The lowest bid that will be accepted is the starting price for each Lot. You can make any bid you like above the starting price, but it must be in increments of £10. No bids in pence will be taken
  • You can submit your bids securely through your account. You can place bids up until the End Time
  • You cannot cancel bids once placed

Current Bid Price

The current highest bid on each lot will be visible at all times. You cannot view the maximum bids of other bidders.

Spending Limit

To increase the available spending limit go to ‘Spending Limit’ in your account where this is explained. Having requested your increased limit, a 10% deposit of this amount will be taken. Once increased you can then place your bid once the auction is underway. Please note that an increase in a spending limit does not automatically increase a maximum bid on a lot. It will simply increase the bidder’s spending power. The bidder must increase any maximum bids themselves

If you are unsuccessful, we will refund the deposit automatically after the conclusion of the auction. This can take up to 3 days to show back on your account.

Sliding End Times

  • The sliding end time is to prevent auction sniping, or the practise of rival bidders outbidding each other with just seconds to go before the deadline
  • Every lot has a published end time on the website which is the deadline by which all bids must be received
  • When any bidding activity of any kind takes place in the final 30 minutes, it will cause the end time to slip back a further 30 minutes and continue to do so wherever there is any bidding activity on that registration

Maximum Bids

Bidders submit maximum bids which are invisible to other bidders. Bidding starts at the starting price for each registration. If there is competitive bidding on a lot, the auction system will automatically increase bids on behalf of bidders in £10 increments. Once a bidder’s maximum bid has been reached, the system will stop bidding for them. The current winning bid price for each registration is on view on the website at all times.


You will be able to see online the status of all the lots in My Bids & Watchlist. If your maximum bid has been exceeded by another bidder, you will be sent a text or email (depending on your notification preference). You may then be able to increase your maximum bid before the end time.

Unsold Registrations

Are not available to purchase from the Timed Online Auction. They may be offered in a future auction at the discretion of the DVLA.

Cancellation - Timed Online Auction only

  • At the close of a Timed online auction a legally binding contract is formed between the purchaser and the Secretary of State for Transport. Timed online auctions are conducted under Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 which means that consumers do have the right to cancel their purchases up to 10 working days after the auction finishes. Please email the auctioneers within 10 working days should you wish to cancel a purchase.
  • Please note this option does not apply if you are bidding in a Venue auction or on behalf of a company.
  • Applications to cancel made after 10 working days will not be accepted.

    Venue Auction

Bidding Methods

In Person

  • Come along and experience the atmosphere of the auction. You will be issued with a QR Code, print this off and bring on the day or show on your mobile device when you arrive. You will be then issued with a bidder card showing your unique bidder number.

Telephone bidding

  • The auctioneers provide a service whereby our telephone bidder will call a few minutes prior to your registration being offered. Under your instruction, the telephone bidder will relay your bids back to the Auctioneer. Deadlines to register for this service apply.

Internet Bid

  • This is a live bidding experience as the auction is running. Shortly prior to your chosen registration being offered, (approximate offer times stated on the website) log back into your account. You can place your live bids directly there by following the on-screen instructions.

Absentee Bid

  • If you are not available throughout the duration of the auction, absentee bidding may be your preferred option. A maximum bid can be given, this gives the Auctioneer authority to bid up to that amount on your behalf. However, you may secure for less if the bidding ceases prior to reaching your maximum amount. Deadlines to leave bids apply.

Starting Prices

  • These are the minimum prices at which lots will be sold. All starting prices are clearly shown in the catalogue. These do not include the additional charges of VAT, Buyer’s Premium and Assignment Fee.

  • Bidding normally starts at the Starting Price and the auctioneer will seek to take bids from the auction hall first. The exception to this is where there are two competing Absentee Bids, in which case bidding will start at one bid (usually £100) more than the lower Absentee Bid. Where there are two identical Absentee Bids, the auctioneer will accept the bid that was received first.

Identical Absentee Bids

Where there are two identical Absentee Bids, the auctioneer will accept the one received first. However, if there is a bid in the room of the same amount, this bid will take priority.

Bid Increments

At the auctioneer’s discretion, bids increase by a minimum of £50 where the bidding is below £1,000 and by £100 where bidding is above £1,000

Will The Auction Run To Time?

Clocks are printed in the catalogue to give an indication of the approximate times that registrations will be offered for sale. The auctioneers make every effort to stick as close to these times as possible but cannot guarantee that the indicated times will be accurate. The auction may sometimes vary by +/- 45 minutes from the indicated times so we advise all bidders to be available at least an hour before and after the indicated time for their lot.

If an auction is running late, it will continue into the evening until the last lot scheduled for that day has been offered.

Unsold Registrations

Are available to purchase until 10am on the Monday after the auction and can be purchased directly via the website on a first come, first served basis.


At the close of a Venue Auction a legally binding contract is formed between the purchaser and the Secretary of State for Transport. DVLA’s 10-day cancellation period does not apply to any marks purchased during any DVLA Venue Auction.


DVLA Personalised Registrations

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